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General Information
Posted Jul 12, 2018

Note the three tabs above the General Information heading  sentence:
[Home]  [Player Registration]  [Coach Registration]

Registration in this new system is a two step process:

1. Create an account with USSF - this is your families primary account
2. Register a player with Elite FC

Click Here to Watch a Helpful Video Tutorial

Follow these easy A,B,C steps to register online:

A.  If you do not already have an account with this new registration system from the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), you must create one prior to registering as a player or a coach.  Have a parent/guardian click the [Member Login] button in the top corner of this page and create a new account.  Only enter the information for one parent/guardian.  Do not add children or second parent/guardian during this step.

B.  After account creation, return to this page by clicking the [Home] tab and follow the instructions below.  If you created an account previously with this USSF system follow the instructions below.

C.  If you are registering a player, click the [Player Registration] tab and follow the instructions.  If you are registering as a coach, click the [Coach Registration] tab and follow the instructions.